CocChip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Many have called this the best cookie ever.

Peanut Butter Cookies

This is a comforting classic, down to the crosshatch pattern on top.

French Macaroon

These delicate French confectioneries have a crisp exterior, a slightly chewy center and filled with rich, velvety ganache or flavored buttercream that melts in your mouth.

* Available in 4 year-round classics and seasonal varieties.


We create a vast array of these individual or bite-size gourmet cakes topped with buttercream, cream cheese or ganache frosting that are sure to bring a smile to everyone.

Please contact us to discuss flavor options.


These rich, flourless, double chocolate brownies are truly decadent and completely irresistible.

* Available in double dark, peanut butter, spicy and peppermint.

Classic Cakes

You don’t always need to have a fancy event or special occasion to order a Z Patisserie cake but our classic cakes are perfectly suited to most birthdays, holidays, and parties.

Estimated servings: 8 ” (12-18 slices) 10 ” (20-30 slices) and 12 ” (28-42 slices).


When you want a small baked treat for brunch or afternoon tea, these light yet hearty scones are a perfect choice.

*Available in Cranberry Orange Pecan, Lemon Blueberry, Apricot Walnut, Cherry Almond, Chocolate Chip and Maple Pecan.


These twice-baked cookies more frequently accompany drinks like coffee, cappuccinos or tea, but can also be served with a small glass of sweet dessert wine as an elegant way to end a meal.

* Variations include almond, chocolate almond, cranberry pistachio or anise chocolate chip.


We’ve got muffins perfect for breakfast or brunch, including lemon blueberry, banana chocolate chip and seasonal varieties like pumpkin spice.

* Available in standard and mini size.

Coconut Macaroon

Closer to a soft cookie than a meringue, these macaroons develop a light, moist inside while the toasted coconut outside offers a sweet crunch.

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