We are Z Patisserie, a family-run baking business created by local pastry chef, Linda Zimmerman.
At Z Patisserie, everything we make is made to order using pure, all-natural ingredients. We are passionate
about dessert and dedicated to providing the most memorably delicious treats for any occasion.

Mom_Pic_01About Linda

All through my childhood and early adulthood, my mom and I would plan outings together based on what we would have for dessert. After I had my own children, I continued that tradition by frequenting afternoon teas and local bakeries with them. As my children grew up and I began to travel, the focus of my trips always revolved around going to local markets and patisseries in each place I visited. So after decades of tasting, baking, researching and a few professional pastry courses completed, I have finally put my passion to work and created Z Patisserie.

Baking has always made me happy. I hope our desserts make you happy too.

Linda Zimmerman

Founder & Pastry Chef

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